• FLOW On-Demand Digital Series

    Every brand has digital 3D transformation challenges from those just beginning to those already deep in digital.

    What digital software and tools fit what you want to accomplish? How do you set up new digital workflows? How do you reorganize or form new teams? What new talent is needed? That is why this digital series was created!

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    FDRA and The Footwearists have created Digital (3D) FLOW focused on helping every footwear brand successfully execute digital (3D) transformations through in-depth case studies, best practices, and specialized training. This on-demand digital lecture series helps:

    • Executives, managers, and directors strategize and understand how to set up digital programs, establish and manage successful digital workflows and talent, and prepare for what's next, including using 3D designs for online sales generators.

    • Designers, technical developers, innovators, and faculty of footwear schools—the ones doing the daily digital work—get deep insights on platforms and exact training on digital software and tools to improve efficiency and productivity.

    Customize your training by choosing 1, 2 or all of our digital courses. Each track includes:

    • Digital videos with industry leaders and digital experts focusing on a major topic, going deep with tips, strategy, and best practices on software and workflow.

    • A resource packet—video, articles, demos, training tools—for deeper dives on the topic to build your knowledge further.

    Tracks are just $75 each, and $250 for all 4 sessions.

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    Digital Design & Prototyping

    • Laying the Foundations
    • Choosing the Right Digital Design
    • Digital Materials
    • Prototyping
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    E-Commerce & Marketing

    • Digital Visual Marketing Options
    • Virtual Prototyping
    • Customization
    • E-Commerce Options
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    Manufacturing & Automation

    • Connect Design & Manufacturing
    • Automated Manufacturing
    • Digital Manufacturing
    • Customization in Manufacturing
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    Big Data and Circularity

    • Big Data
    • Generative Design Systems
    • Optimize Cradle to Gate
    • Using Data to Close the Loop
  • Why Footwear Leads and Professionals MUST Attend

    THE CHALLENGE: ‘Digitization’ is what every brand is reaching for because it increases speed to market, reduces costs, optimizes creativity and profit while increasing sustainability—yet lack of knowledge and real step-by-step examples and best practices on digital design, development and manufacturing is hindering our industry’s true digital transformation.


    In recent years, FDRA and The Footwearists have successfully collaborated on organizing international conferences for footwear design, development, and innovation. Yet these events and our conversations with nearly every major brand made it crystal clear that one subject urgently needs more in-depth education: the digital transformation of the entire footwear supply chain. Whether companies are just at the beginning of this process or already have experience, EVERYONE struggles with how to structure their digital workflow most effectively. Companies who are just starting out struggle with what part of their product cycle they want to transform—Design? Development? 3D Prototyping?—and what software will fit their needs in addition to restructuring workflows around this. With limited budgets and time, it’s important to get this right! Companies who have already started their transformation also struggle with reorganization of workflow, and find they are often lacking people with the right digital skills to make it happen. We realized that costly events where software suppliers simply show their latest developments, often not fully focused on footwear, leave the audience overwhelmed and confused as to how they actually apply what they learn to their specific situation. Footwear designers and development teams also lack critical training on 3D software platforms and other tools. Targeted training is vital to helping them use these tools effectively and creatively.

  • Who are these digital seminars for?

    For brands not yet started or just beginning their digitization journey—you will obtain critical information on the basics of digitization, from what software exists to accomplish what you want to accomplish, to how to set up successful digital workflows, to what talent you need to be successful.


    For the digital trailblazers already deep in ‘digital’—you will hear new ideas and advanced concepts around big data, how digital can solve circularity issues, and a roundtable discussing new ideas, best practices, setting standards, and what software providers should do to better help the industry.


    Footwear professionals encouraged to attend these various events—upper management to operational level, product development and innovation, manufacturing, sales, distribution, retail and human resources, and suppliers of digital technologies for all these segments. Examples of job titles that should attend include: Design Directors, Directors and VPs of Product Development, Heads of Human Resources and Development, Sourcing Executives, Manufacturing Directors, IT/Software Integration Leads, Innovation Teams.



  • What can you expect to learn?

    Each track is designed for a different target group so that everyone can get the information they need. Takeaways attendees can expect:

    • What design software and tools are best for your specific digital needs (projects or program)
    • How to make 3D printing work with your digital program
    • How you should structure workflow to ensure your digital program succeeds
    • How to better use digital software and tools to get more productivity and speed
    • New 3D ideas, tips and best practices
    • New digital software and tools being developed for shoes
    • Better use of data to improve your digital program
    • How to use 3D models for retail and consumer engagement
    • What's coming next in digital tools and uses
  • Seminar Hosts & Interviewers

    Meet your hosts for Digital 3D FLOW! Speakers for each Track can be found on each Track page.

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    Founder and Creative Director, The Footwearists

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    Senior Vice President, FDRA

  • Sponsors

    Thank you to our generous event sponsors!

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