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    Track 3: Digital Manufacturing & Automation

    In this track, we will focus on how to streamline manufacturing through digital transformation, creating an optimal synergy between digital design and manufacturing. With a couple of expert speakers from the digital manufacturing side, we will help you answer vital questions, such as:

    • How can we best support manufacturing remotely?
    • What technologies (3D scanners, molding tools, robotics) can we help implement in the factory to speed up manufacturing and reduce quality issues and costs? 
    • How can we create new methods of manufacturing using digital means?
    • How can we use 3D printing in manufacturing, either for molds and/or final products?
    • How can we create and implement local digital manufacturing?
    • How can we create and implement digital manufacturing solutions for custom footwear?

    REGISTRATION: Track 3 is just $75. BUNDLE DEAL: All 4 tracks are just $250. Bundle option is available when you register for each track


  • Video Class 1: Connecting Design and Manufacturing

    In this video class, we will talk about how to connect digital design and manufacturing to become more cost-efficient, faster to market, and prevent mistakes.


    Video Class 2: Automated Manufacturing

    In this video class, we will look at new developments in automation to streamline our current methods of footwear manufacturing, which could also lead to reshoring production.


    Video Class 3: Digital Manufacturing

    In this video class, we will look at the next step in automation, which is digital manufacturing, for instance using 3D printing.


    Video Class 4: Customization in Manufacturing

    In this final video class of this track, we will combine all learnings to take a deep dive into the options for, and workflow of, manufacturing custom footwear.

  • Track 3 Expert Trainers

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    3D visionary, investor, co-founder of WTFVC, inventor of 3DTI

    Janne's passion is to empower and advance the 3D printing industry, and he has been doing this for two decades in the form of product design, building companies, and investing in moonshot ideas. His focus is to create 3D Value Networks in footwear and to fuel footwear professionals' desire to change by sharing his creative approach to solving big problems in the world.
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    General Manager, ALOFT

    With his innovative outsole factory ALOFT, located in Portugal but working worldwide, Pedro is pushing the boundaries of digital design and manufacturing, especially when it comes to sole design and mold making. Together with Jens Schmidt he will talk about how to ensure that your digital designs are not just fancy pictures, but actually manufacturable.
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    Founder, ELSE Corp
    GM Italy, ICOL Group

    Andrey is internationally known for his achievements in virtual retail, but this time he is showing another side of his knowledge and his company, helping footwear brands to set up their digital design flow in the most efficient way possible, so they can be "smart from the start". His low-cost, cloud-based applications that are specialized for footwear make it possible to work quickly and do not necessarily require staff to have any kind of 3D design training.
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    CEO, Footwear Innovation Lab GmbH

    When it comes to digital local manufacturing of high-level performance footwear using cutting-edge software and hardware, Jens Schmidt is THE expert, since he is actively doing it with his Footwear Innovation Lab in Pirmasens, Germany. He also partners and consults on this topic for brands around the world.
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    Industrial Engineer,
    Simplicity Works

    Adrian's company, Simplicity Works, was established almost 10 years ago with the goal to develop a new method of manufacturing 3D products. This new assembly process impacts the complete supply chain and drastically reduces labor costs in manufacturing many products, including shoes, with a focus on creativity, efficiency, and sustainability.
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